Wednesday, June 13, 2018


What a week it was! A Quilt Study Workshop from the Liberated School of Design was convened. Our pleasant location was the Woodland Ridge Retreat in Downsville, WI.

Having a theme is one way to invite the imagination to the quiltmaking process, particularly when working in a free form, liberated manner. My small studies illustrate minimalism in quilts, our working theme for the week. I choose to interpret a couple of Amish quilts, sometimes thought of as "minimal" and plain from the quilt tradition. 

This group turned out to be as adventurous as I hoped they would be! May I add that we got along right from the start making for many good times which will go undisclosed here! 
Sharing a few photos of the quilts will illustrate a free interpretation of minimalism expressed in palette, composition and considered use of elements. Traditional quilt forms were explored and simplified. Small quilts offering uninhibited discovery invited larger compositions in some cases.

Making parts, auditioning and allowing the quilt to change throughout the process is the way we cut and sew in the Liberated School of Design.

Woodland Ridge Retreat and Chris Daly offered the excellent accommodations and I thank you, the students who recommended me, and everyone who joined me! 

"Her quilts are simple and to the point. They contain no foolish chattering." ___from the forward: Quilt Artistry, Inspired Designs From The East, Yoshiko Jinzenji


  1. I had the most amazing time at your class. The information I gained from you will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am so thankful that I chose to attend. It was truly a privilege! :)

    1. It was my pleasure! We really had a great group and lovely everything at Woodland Ridge Retreat.

  2. Those are so interesting. Thank you for sharing.