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SPECIAL OFFER    Send me an email for a special offer---  Master free form hand quilting--then design a quilt to feature your signature stitching style. Adapt the fundamentals and create expressive stitches by hand. Our week will focus on hand quilting a whole cloth wall quilt as you explore and discover your style. Then choose to design your next quilt to show off your hand quilting, signature stitching. Alternating between hand work and machine piecing will keep you, dare I say, in stitches.  Class information and registration  

Consider free form, random stitches and a variety of thread to add texture to your quilt. I'm serious about you developing your style. You will be free to work at your own pace, in as refined or as organic as you choose. You will be supported in discovery and exploration, inviting your imagination to the process. In the samples below, I have used variegated thread, linen, pearl cotton, and yes a few seed beads. MACHINE QUILTERS are welcome! Augment your machine quilting with expressive hand stitching. Don't be shy. No one is too much of a novice.

Plein Air Hand Quilting !!



Expressive Abstract Quilts: A Quilter's Mark Making Study  Mark Making Quilts with Pam

a few words about Mark Making quilts..............Think of improv piecing and appliqué as invitation to add marks to your quilt creating visual interest and movement. Consider lines, squares, triangles and circles as the vocabulary of mark making. Marks can be well placed or random, dense or sparse.  Little pieces and parts coming out of nowhere, seemingly going nowhere. The very curiosity of it interests the maker and the viewer.

Consider string quilts, liberated log cabins and one patch variations as familiar starting places. Improvisation often begins with the familiar.

10" x 11 1/2"
Making a small quilt to work out ideas is a practice serving as an artist's sketch. It also serves as play in the sewing room. I'm from the Liberated School of Design. Experience studying and teaching with Gwen Marston who is widely known for Liberated Quiltmaking, has liberated my quilt making. Gwen's approach frees you from following a pattern and engages you in designing and making your own quilts. Quilts and art are about what you bring to the process. My workshops encourage you to explore and work at your own pace and that's liberating.  

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