Saturday, May 27, 2017


My small study,  a "sister" quilt influenced by Sujata

While wandering the quilted corners of the internet in search of Amish quilt images, something caught my eye. One click away was a better look, and to my delight I recognized the name of the quilt maker. There I sat admiring a quilt made by Sujata Shah. Through studying her quilt in that moment I felt as if we were stitched together in something important, as if the world is a small, friendly and sharing place. Let's make it sew.   

Take a moment to meet Sujata and look at her profile photo---

Sujata's quilt influenced me to play with scraps and color, and make a "sister" quilt. I trimmed one edge, found the scrap too darling to discard, and it became the little improvisation on the bottom. I think of that piece as a path from my house to Sujata's. 

Here is a look at a few of my small studies out and about at a trunk show, with "Sujata's Sister" placed in the nine patch.