Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The Madeline Island School of the Arts was the site of the Gwen Marston extravaganza. Small Studies with Gwen Marston & Pam Beal was Gwen's last workshop as she sails into retirement.  An island in Lake Superior offered the perfect setting to allow this creative group the opportunity to, well create!  And celebrate Gwen, and enjoy friends and make new friends, and benefit from the sincere attention of the MISA staff members.  Thank you MISA and all of the fine students who joined us.

Now for a few of the quilts, and I should mention that many students were mostly new to Liberated Quiltmaking.  (apologies--my photos are only sew-sew)

Gwen & I posing with her book Minimal Quiltmaking
Her quilt and mine are on facing pages
Photo credit: Lisa Taglia

Marge Tucker & I
We go back to Beaver Island Quilt Retreat days
Must be an island theme with this crowd
Photo credit: Cindy Bowker

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Expressive abstract Quilts: A Quilter's Mark Making Study---here is the link to Madeline Island

Mark Making Quilts with Pam

a few words about Mark Making quilts..............Think of improv piecing and appliqué as invitation to add marks to your quilt creating visual interest and movement. Consider lines, squares, triangles and circles as the vocabulary of mark making. Marks can be well placed or random, dense or sparse.  Little pieces and parts coming out of nowhere, seemingly going nowhere. The very curiosity of it interests the maker and the viewer.

10" x 11 1/2"
Making a small quilt to work out ideas is a practice serving as an artist's sketch. It also serves as play in the sewing room. I'm from the Liberated School of Design. Experience studying and teaching with Gwen Marston who is widely known for Liberated Quiltmaking, has liberated my quilt making. Gwen's approach frees you from following a pattern and engages you in designing and making your own quilts. Quilts and art are about what you bring to the process. My workshops encourage you to explore and work at your own pace and that's liberating.  

I welcome you to join me at the Madeline Island School of the Arts October 2-6, 2017

Friday, September 2, 2016


Anyone who has slept under a quilt, admired a quilt, or made a quilt will want to know about Gwen's latest book, a common thread a collection of quilts by Gwen Marston. The quilts tell the story of Gwen's quilt making over the decades--over 5 decades of discovery on a Liberated path.  

Gwen organizes the collection to, dare I say, "cover" Traditional Patchwork, Appliqué, Liberated Patchwork, String Quilts and Abstract Quilts in Solids. Glorious photos of the full quilt are presented with detail photos on the facing page. I enjoyed lingering with the quilts noticing the stitches and marveling at Gwen's imagination. Gwen makes quilts using self expression and improvisation naming her approach Liberated Quiltmaking. You can feel liberated and enriched looking at these quilts.

Gwen Marston is an important quiltmaker, teacher, award winning author and artist of international standing, but Gwen doesn't often talk about her importance. In this book, her 30th., she welcomes you to delight in some of the quits she has made.  Think of a common thread as a visit to Gwen's house. After a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, Gwen asks if you would like to see some quilts!    pjb 

published by Martingale  shopmartingale.com 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Breaking Trail 27" x 26"
by pam j beal
Visitors to Artistree Gallery told me they had visited the Milwaukee Art Museum, and my quilt reminded them of Miro's paintings.  That is company I would like to keep!  I better get to work.



www.ArtistreeGalleryWI.com   Artistree Gallery is a member owned artist cooperative in Land O' Lakes, WI.  We rent our gallery space from the non-profit Land O' Lakes Artisans. The building is dedicated to the arts and is a lively place to visit.  Please stop in if you are in the area.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


SAVE THE DATE-- I will be returning to teach at Madeline Island School of the Arts  
October 2-6, 2017.


follow the link for more information Madeline Island School of the Arts

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Cloudburst 50" x 51" is a semi-finalist headed to QuiltWeek in Grand Rapids, MI August 10-13, 2016. Machine pieced and hand quilted. Improvised small quilt studies were the inspiration to explore shapes and use of space. A fair amount of open space allowed me to really play with the quilting! I thought the color palette suggested the misty look following a sudden downpour, and the name Cloudburst was given to the quilt. I find the last stitch is often followed by the naming of the quilt. Mom and I are looking forward to another exciting time with our AQS friends in Grand Rapids MI!  Learn more about the show here  quilt week

CLOUDBURST 50" x 51" by pam j beal
Hopefully some of the quilting is seen in this detail photo. You might be able to see that the batik in the lower center of the photo is the model for a section of quilting in the upper right of the photo.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Dog Walks Girl, the quilt, is well traveled now.  After a little Florida spring break at the AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Beach show, it is at the Paducah show which opens this week-- April 20-23rd.  I just learned that Dog Walks Girl is a winner, but the fiends at AQS...whoops, FRIENDS are building happy suspense by not yet revealing where the quilt placed.  

The Awards Presentation is available online Tuesday April 19 at 5 pm CST.  Join me and watch it here  www.youtube.com/quilttv   

On Wednesday April 20, the full list of award winners and photos of quilts will be published here  www.quiltweek.com  Dog Walks Girl was awarded the Honorable Mention in the category.  Thank you for the honor!  I should mention that AQS publishes a show catalog of the Paducah QuiltWeek, available at the American Quilter link below.

Up next, Dog Walks Girl will appear with AQS at QuiltWeek Syracuse, NY July 27-30th. 

The quilt arrived home in good shape, and I am enjoying the Catalogue of Show Quilts.  

Not yet through with adventures, Dog Walks Girl was selected to be published in the QUILT ART engagement calendar 2017 by Klaudeen Hansen.  I have been using this calendar for years! On a September 2017 page, I will be greeted by my own quilt.  You can order your copy here  www.americanquilter.com

Now the dog is ready to walk the girl.  pjb