Friday, June 6, 2014

More Minimal Quiltmaking

Following up from the earlier post, here are the other quilts published in Minimal Quiltmaking by
Gwen Marston.  "Ontonagon Clay" and "Lilly Pad A La Mode" are related, as are "From the Copper Country" and "Circle Tour".  The smaller quilts served as a study, or the muse, for the larger quilt.  Look for similarities in the pairs of quilts, and notice the differences. Working in a small scale, and working with minimal design, offers appealing challenges, in my opinion.  The aim is to create impact with color, line, and image placement while focusing on the essentials.  Abundance is found in the pleasure of the process.   

From The Copper Country 11" x 17" x 3/4"
Mineral Stained Maple frame by Wayne Walma
Circle Tour 28" X 41"
Ontonagon Clay 9" x 11 1/2"
Lilly Pad A La Mode 24" x 38 1/2"
 The handsome art critic in front of "Lilly Pad" is the famous White Chocolate Mocha Joe.  pjb

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