Saturday, August 22, 2015


A sold out Small Strip Study class was the highlight of my experience at the AQS QuiltWeek in Grand Rapids, MI.  Thanks to all who joined me!  This was a talented group who really made me look good during my debut as an AQS instructor. My mom enjoyed 'take your mom to work' during QuiltWeek, and it was my pleasure to have her along.  Mom offered an observation about our work without a pattern, our improvisation.  She said she had been advised to encourage children to use their imagination, give them crayons and blank paper instead of always offering a coloring book.  Watching the class, she saw people using their imagination and having fun doing it.  

As side entertainment, my class was the stage for a reunion with my college roommate Ellen!  We had not seen each other since graduation all those many years ago.  My Beaver Island Quilt Retreat friend, Karen, gave me another happy reunion opportunity.  Ellen and Karen have generously shared photos of their small strip study quilts.  

JOUEZ (Francais for "go play")
by Karen Duling
Ellen's work in progress-above & below.  Approximately mid-right, a gap was produced via improvisational piecing giving the opportunity to add another design element.  Ellen experimented with an oval appliqué pierced with a small strip.  Nice work Ellen!  I should add that this is Ellen's first experience working without a pattern, and I think she has an exuberant and successful start.

Several students offered kind words:  Overheard............."great energy in here-a positive, joyful vibe"..."I loved this class"..."I can't believe I made this"..."I had so much fun"..."I thought I had made a mistake, then I decided I liked it"..."I was way outside my box & loved it"... 

Thanks everybody!  pjb

and just a little more about Karen Duling, an AQS published author:

Quilting for the Paws by Karen Duling & approved by quilters and their 4 legged friends--
    White Chocolate Mocha Joe seen here, tips from Merle inside.

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