Friday, July 18, 2014

In the Studio

Two quilts left home this week, one on it's way to Paducah and one delivered to Rhinelander, WI.  Kind of feels like they have gone off to summer camp.  I'm home and busy with what is next.  Peek into the studio to preview Pam at play. pjb
Pieces for the next small study.

The start of something big with a pile of fabrics and one small part to begin the process.

In the floor frame for quilting, then.....

this walnut frame with copper tacks will "frame" the bound quilt.  Copper beads will be stitched on the quilt and accent the hand quilting and the copper tacks in the frame.  Well, that is the general plan.  I'll see what develops as I go along.  The walnut frame is by Wayne Walma, my husband and main collaborator.  More on Wayne later.  

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