Friday, July 11, 2014

Talking It Over

Talking with Marge at the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat, we got on the subject of entering an AQS (American Quilter's Society) show.  Seems like we had both been thinking about it for awhile and we agreed it could be a good challenge.  I had some experience exhibiting quilts in regional art shows, and an AQS event was a leap to a bigger stage.  "Suddenly" 35" x 45" was juried into the AQS Grand Rapids show and awarded 2nd Place in the Wall Quilts-Hand Quilted category in August, 2013.  Andrea Ray, AQS Contest Coordinator asked what I would tell someone who was thinking about entering their first AQS show. Here are some thoughts:  While the process of making a quilt is rich and the result is a handmade quilt, there is a long tradition of quilters and artists exhibiting their work.  I think exhibiting one's work is a good way to say that the work has value.  For many years, I have supported the American Quilter's Society with my membership.  This organization is serious about promoting quilts and the people who make quilts, and they really walk you through the show entry process.  The location of the show, the entry deadline and exhibit duration may influence the decision to enter a show.  Beyond AQS, participation in regional and national art exhibits has expanded my network and offered relationships with artists working in other media.  All things considered, I'm glad Marge and I had that talk.  pjb
Playing It, 37" x 48" detail
Playing It will be in the AQS Grand Rapids show in August, 2014
Wander over to my companion blog to watch the You Tube video with Andrea Ray

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