Thursday, June 4, 2015


Excitement builds.  The sewing room hums with improvisation while I play with strips, slivers, squares and points.  I'm busy making more class samples for the Small Strip Study class offered at AQS QuiltWeek Grand Rapids August 13, 2015


A small study quilt is a useful way to explore design and try something new.  Small strips create texture in the quilt surface and interesting lines in the design.  Calling adventurous students of any level.  Explore original design, free cutting, and experiment with accidental happy surprises.  I will use a brief trunk show of small strip studies to outline the process and spark your imagination, demo a step or two, then we'll get sewing!

P. S. Thanks to 37 SKETCHES by Gwen Marston for first introducing the process of small studies.  If you want homework, I highly recommend this book!  pjb


  1. I am so eager to learn more about your process. See you in August!

    1. I'll start counting the days soon!